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Blessed is the peacemaker
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State Dept. Concedes World Tour violates no U.S. laws
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Mandela's Libya
visit raises
questions about
U.S. policy
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Min. Farrakhan and delegation depart on World Friendship Tour
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Picture perfect beginning for World Friendship Tour III
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Min. Farrakhan urges U.S. Gov't to come to terms with Iraq
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Transcript of Min. Farrakhan's speech in Baghdad, Iraq, Dec. 10, 1997
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Discuss: Plight of Palestinians
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Peace mission to North Africa
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Col. Qadhafi
speaks to the American people
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A message from Min. Farrakhan
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'We need a rebirth'
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Farrakhan, Taylor pray for healing
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How Africa
can become a superpower
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Leaders still fight legacy of colonialism and inequality
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Settling differences after years bitter of civil war
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Friendship Tour discovers 'secrets' of Africa
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Farrakhan welcomed in holy city
bullet Mecca
Friendship Tour joins Ramadan celebration
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Russian Muslims embrace Farrakhan
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Minister celebrates Ramadan conclusion with Moscow Muslims
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Min. Farrakhan raises voice against U.S.-Iraq attack
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Hero's welcome for Farrakhan in Australia
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Min. Farrakhan forges path for better Black-Korean relations
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Min. Farrakhan visits Cuba, Bermuda


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